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Сообщения Старее среда, августа 30, 2017

Новая Игра Добавлена: Kingdom Hearts Union X

The battle system in Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X Unleashing a special ability in Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X Boss battle in Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X Stroll into the magical and fantasy world of Kingdom Hearts in Kingdom Hearts Union X.

Meet and interact with your favorite Disney and Square Enix characters and join forces with them.

Battle to protect your friends, rid the world of darkness, and save all the worlds from the Heartless.
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среда, августа 30, 2017

Новая Игра Добавлена: Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Fighting a boss in Final Fantasy Record Keeper Launching a powerful spell in Final Fantasy Record Keeper Cloud Strife and party in Final Fantasy Record Keeper Play Final Fantasy Record Keeper and relive classic Final Fantasy moments with your favorite characters.

Create your own Final Fantasy party from a massive roster of characters and lead them to battle.

Defend your legacy, save the kingdom’s future, and fight enemies using Final Fantasy’s signature turn-based mechanics.
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четверг, августа 24, 2017

Upcoming Anime MMORPG, SoulWorker, Turns Emotions into Devastating Weapons

Upcoming Anime MMORPG, SoulWorker, Turns Emotions into Devastating Weapons Find out what this upcoming anime-themed MMO ARPG by Gameforge, SoulWorker, is all about and what can you expect from it. Читать Дальше
среда, августа 16, 2017

Новая Игра Добавлена: Ninja Saga

PvP in Ninja Saga Ninja village in Ninja Saga Boss fight in Ninja Saga Play Ninja Saga and get immersed in a vast world full of ninjas protected by their guardians.

Learn various techniques or jutsus, strengthen your ninja, and defeat monsters and your foes.

Recruit friends to your crew, join a clan, and fight others in exciting real-time battles in the arena.
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суббота, августа 5, 2017

Новая Игра Добавлена: Krosmaga

Attacking monsters in Krosmaga Krosmaga: Deck building Advancing monsters in Krosmaga Go back into the world of Krosmoz and take the role of one of the deities in this strategy-packed card game!

Build your own card deck and do battle against other players in a chess-style board game.

Use powerful units to decimate your foes, or spells to catch your opponents off-guard!
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среда, августа 2, 2017

Новая Игра Добавлена: Bleach Brave Souls

Chad and Ichigo in Bleach Brave Souls Defeating an enemy in Bleach Brave Souls Byakuya Kuchiki in Bleach Brave Souls Play Bleach Brave Souls, an online action RPG that is based on the popular manga and anime series, Bleach!

Be treated to fast-paced, 3D hack and slash action with your favorite Bleach characters.

Play as Ichigo or select other characters and play online, whether to duke it out with other players or in co-op modes.
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понедельник, июля 31, 2017

Новая Игра Добавлена: One Piece Treasure Cruise

Combat gameplay in One Piece Treasure Cruise Character box in One Piece Treasure Cruise Fighting a boss in One Piece Treasure Cruise Play One Piece Treasure Cruise and control, interact, and fight with your favorite anime pirate crew.

Control One Piece characters like Luffy, Zoro, and Shanks to defeat countless enemies in battle.

Be treated to exciting turn-based battles, unleash special skills and combos to become the strongest crew on the seas.
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суббота, июля 29, 2017

Новая Игра Добавлена: Onigiri

Fighting a powerful monster in Onigiri Facing a boss in Onigiri Traveling with companions in Onigiri Play this action-packed MMORPG, and explore the alternate world of ancient Japan.

Enjoy interacting with a cast of characters rooted from Japanese folklore, stories, and mythology.

Grab hold of a unique variety of weapons, be treated to beautiful visuals, and fight your way through hordes of monsters.
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понедельник, июля 24, 2017

Новая Игра Добавлена: Pocket MapleStory

MapleStory Characters Gameplay for MapleStory MapleStory Gameplay Experience intense and fast paced side-scrolling combat.

Choose from a variety of different available classes each with a unique skill-set.

Take on challenging quests with high risks and even higher rewards.
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четверг, июля 20, 2017

Новая Игра Добавлена: Seal Online

Seal Online Monster Seal Online Combat Seal Online Character Selection Experience a magical world full of monsters, quests and awesome challenges.

Fight other players, or form guilds with them to take on dungeons and go on raids.

Take player relationships to the next level by being a couple with another player.
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