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Сообщения Старее понедельник, октября 27, 2014

Новая Игра Добавлена: Swordsman

Swordsman Combat Gameplay for Swordsman Swordsman Gameplay Enjoy a fantastic martial arts themed Anime action MMO game.

Explore a world full of awesome combat and beautiful visuals.

Take part in a huge Guild based PVP system.
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вторник, ноября 25, 2014

Новая Игра Добавлена: MapleStory

MapleStory Characters Gameplay for MapleStory MapleStory Gameplay Experience intense and fast paced side-scrolling combat.

Choose from a variety of different available classes each with a unique skill-set.

Take on challenging quests with high risks and even higher rewards.
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вторник, января 20, 2015

Новая Игра Добавлена: S4 League

S4 League Gameplay Gameplay for S4 League S4 League Combat Immerse yourself in a fast paced MMO shooting experience that will test your skills to their limit.

Choose your equipment from a wide array of both ranged and melee weapons capable of causing some serious damage.

Enjoy a variety of different game modes to keep the gameplay fresh and enjoyable at all times.
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суббота, декабря 27, 2014

Новая Игра Добавлена: Mabinogi

Mabinogi Character Fire Creature in Mabinogi Mabinogi Combat Experience an epic journey that takes place in a beautiful and bright world,

Complete multiple quests to earn big rewards in the forms of currency and equipment,

Go through dungeons crawling with fierce beasts for you to slay and multitudes of loot for you to acquire.
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четверг, декабря 11, 2014

Новая Игра Добавлена: Lucent Heart

Lucent Heart Combat Lucent Heart Mount Gameplay for Lucent Heart Play an amazing and unique MMORPG that emphasizes on the idea of soul mates.

Choose what suits your play style best from the huge variety of available classes available.

Experience an in-depth horoscope system that will have a huge impact on your gameplay.
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среда, сентября 18, 2013

Новая Игра Добавлена: Chrono Tales

Gameplay for Chrono Tales Chrono Tales Mounted Character Chrono Tales brings giant lava monsters Take a journey through time to save the world.

Raise pets and mounts to fight with you.

Group with friends to defeat epic bosses.
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среда, мая 6, 2015

Новая Игра Добавлена: Atlantica Online

Atlantica Online Roster of Characters Epic Encounters in Atlantica Online Atlantica Online Massive Boss Battles Immerse over massive battles set in a mythical world and a wonderful fantasy setting.

Gather different mercenaries and wield them into battles to discover the secrets of Atlantis.

Conquer the battles and strengthen your roster of characters to reign over other online players.
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понедельник, августа 26, 2013

Новая Игра Добавлена: Wakfu

Characters available for Wakfu Wakfu gameplay with a character in combat Image Alt Choose from a huge range of skills and abilities.

Plan your attacks carefully in a turn based combat system.

Earn amazing items and defeat epic bosses.
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среда, мая 6, 2015

Новая Игра Добавлена: Echo of Soul

Echo of Soul Gameplay Characters in Echo of Soul Echo of Soul Rogue Enter a world torn asunder by war between Gods & Giants and become a Soulkeeper, a hero destined to help save whats left.

Choose your favorite class and use your skills to smash your enemies, enjoy solo or group dungeons and receive epic rewards.

Immerse yourself in an epic MMORPG adventure full of intense gameplay and amazing questing.
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вторник, марта 24, 2015

Новая Игра Добавлена: Anime Saiyan

Characters for Anime Saiyan Gameplay for Anime Saiyan Anime Saiyan Gameplay Enjoy an epic MMORPG experience that takes place in the renowned Dragon Ball Z universe.

Immerse yourself in exciting turn based combat where only the smartest and the strongest may come out on top.

Level up and progress through the game to unlock new equipment for your character and grow stronger.
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