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10 Unlimited Ninja

Unlimited Ninja

Turn BasedFantasy SettingAnimePlayer vs Player (PvP) Journey through the action packed world of ninjas in this phenomenal browser based MMORPG.

Duel opponents and use your superior fighting skills to overcome them in battle.

Explore the beautiful game world that’s filled to the brim with amazing sights to see.
13 Played
9 Pokemon Mega

Pokemon Mega

GuildsAnimePlayer vs Player (PvP)AdventureMonstersFantasy SettingDungeon/ Instance Embark on an epic journey to become the best Pokemon trainer in Pokemon Mega

Catch and collect as many Pokemon from across all generations as you can

Assemble a strong team of Pokemon to take other players at the Arena or Tournaments
14 Played
8 Dragonball Z Online

Dragonball Z Online

Fantasy SettingAnimePlayer vs Player (PvP) Play the role of a powerful hero in this addictive MMORPG that you can enjoy in the comfort of your browser.

Choose from three different classes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Travel across a massive game world that’s packed with dangerous places to explore and beautiful sights to see.
15 Played
7 Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

Fantasy SettingAnime Enjoy this epic game that brings the full-fledged MMORPG experience right into your browser.

Make your pick from the many unique classes available, each with their own skills and specialties.

Immerse yourself in the beautiful game world that’s full of amazing sights to see and intriguing people to meet.
19 Played
6 One Piece Online

One Piece Online

Explore a massive and diverse anime inspired game world where everything is possible and where there aren’t any restrictions.

Engage in massive battles as you try to protect your pirate flag.

Enjoy the cute anime graphics of the original series with a wide range of funny characters as well.
20 Played
5 Bleach Online

Bleach Online

Anime Take the role of your favorite anime characters.

Complete dangerous quests and fight large monsters.

Gather experience and customize your character the way you see fit.
21 Played
4 Dueling Blades

Dueling Blades

Fantasy SettingAnimePlayer vs Player (PvP) Nurture your character and create one of a kind attacks.

Battle enemies in astounding arenas where you can use all your skills to obtain the best outcome.

You can choose multiple classes to play with.
64 Played
3 Super Ninjutsu

Super Ninjutsu

NinjaAnimePlayer vs Player (PvP) Relive the world of Naruto in this ninja-based MMO.

Accomplish quests and gain experience, and much-gained equipment from loot.

Pit your team against other player teams in the Arena for excellent PvP combat.
72 Played
2 Anime Saiyan

Anime Saiyan

AnimeFuturistic SettingPlayer vs Player (PvP) Enjoy an epic MMORPG experience that takes place in the renowned Dragon Ball Z universe.

Immerse yourself in exciting turn based combat where only the smartest and the strongest may come out on top.

Level up and progress through the game to unlock new equipment for your character and grow stronger.
87 Played
1 Ultimate Naruto

Ultimate Naruto

Anime Play out your story in the famous world of the Naruto universe.

Choose your path according to the style of play that suits you the best.

Get to live out the stories of your favorite Naruto characters from the critically acclaimed Anime.
138 Played