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Party-Based Games List

Games that allow you to control an entire party of heroes, angels, gods and, in general, characters. These games will usually allow you customize your party by changing its formation and composition. Kancolle


WarshipsNaval BattlesParty-BasedAnime - Rate Sail the seven seas and conquer them with your fleet of warships captained by anime girls

Customize your ships with the best weapons and skills, and keep them well-supplied and repaired

Battle your way through other players’ fleets in the Arena or go on exciting Expeditions
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Fantasy SettingParty-BasedAnimeMatch 3 10 Rate Assemble a team of your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters to fight and defeat evil characters in the anime!

Go and explore various areas in the Dragon Ball universe on a unique board game-like field.

Use power-ups and and various items to strengthen your characters!
Hunter X Online

Hunter X Online

Dungeon/ InstanceParty-BasedAnimePlayer vs Player (PvP) 6.5 Rate Join Gon on his journey to become the best hunter ever while searching for his missing father

Recruit various Hunter X Hunter heroes to your team to battle the other rival hunters or players

Upgrade your team to unleash their full potential and engage in exciting PvE or PvP events
Tartaros Rebirth

Tartaros Rebirth

Fantasy SettingDungeon/ InstanceParty-BasedAnimePlayer vs Player (PvP) 10 Rate Save the world from the gods' vengeful wrath in this brilliant MMO revival, Tartaros Rebirth

Switch between up to 9 different characters and have fun questing and slaying monsters

Dive into challenging boss fights in dungeons or test your skills in some arena PvP
Tekken Mobile

Tekken Mobile

Martial ArtsParty-BasedPlayer vs Player (PvP)Collectible CardsBrawler - Rate Get to play one of the oldest console-based fighting games on mobile today.

Select the old familiar characters to fight for you in this new Tekken game.

Complete missions in solo or go against other players online pitting your fighting team and skills against theirs.
Lutie RPG Clicker

Lutie RPG Clicker

Dungeon/ InstanceParty-BasedAnimePlayer vs Player (PvP) - Rate Tap your way through various enemies to grow your tapping power

Recruit a strong team of Guardians to help you defeat the monsters you encounter

Upgrade everything from your skills to your Guardians' equipped manastones
Red Stone 2: Adventurers of Prominence

Red Stone 2

Fantasy SettingDungeon/ InstanceParty-BasedAnimePlayer vs Player (PvP) - Rate Collect all the red stone shards and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands

Assemble a strong team of companions and equip them with the best items

Experience an immersive, anime-themed story that rivals that of a full-fledged manga
Rakshasa: Street of Demons

Rakshasa: Street of Demons

Martial ArtsParty-BasedSupernaturalAnimePlayer vs Player (PvP)DemonsDungeon/ Instance - Rate Hone your spirit-busting skills as a Spirit Pacifier and assemble a team of Guardian Spirits

Battle against evil spirits and stop them from causing havoc in the world of the living

Dive into the epic battles against various iconic bosses from the series or duel other players
Dengeki Bunko - Crossing Void

Dengeki Bunko - Crossing Void

Fantasy SettingDungeon/ InstanceParty-BasedAnimePlayer vs Player (PvP) - Rate Imagine a world where all your favorite anime heroes get a chance to meet each other

Summon your anime heroes to battle and raise them to their maximum potential

Find out the source of the universes merging together and team up to resolve it