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Futuristic Setting Games List

Games set in the future, where technology and people have advanced beyond what we know today. Anime Saiyan

Anime Saiyan

AnimeFuturistic SettingPlayer vs Player (PvP) 8.7 Rate Enjoy an epic MMORPG experience that takes place in the renowned Dragon Ball Z universe.

Immerse yourself in exciting turn based combat where only the smartest and the strongest may come out on top.

Level up and progress through the game to unlock new equipment for your character and grow stronger.
S4 League

S4 League

ShootingDeathmatchTeam DeathmatchAnimeFuturistic SettingPlayer vs Player (PvP) - Rate Immerse yourself in a fast paced MMO shooting experience that will test your skills to their limit.

Choose your equipment from a wide array of both ranged and melee weapons capable of causing some serious damage.

Enjoy a variety of different game modes to keep the gameplay fresh and enjoyable at all times.
Scarlet Blade

Scarlet Blade

Futuristic Setting - Rate Play through a futuristic world, delivered with a handful of challenging environments to experience.

Ride through amazing hover-crafts and pods designed as the game's mount system to aid you in your missions.

Choose from a variety of all-female characters and grow their forms and equipment to the fullest.
Phantom of the Kill

Phantom of the Kill

Turn BasedPost ApocalypticAnimeFuturistic Setting - Rate Play Phantom of the Kill and treat yourself to a tactical strategy role-playing game.

Gain access to various characters, 50 unit classes like dragoons, swordmasters, and mages.

Form the strongest battle party and go through an intriguing JRPG-inspired story.
Ultraman: Legend of Heroes

Ultraman: Legend of Heroes

CampaignSuperheroFuturistic SettingPlayer vs Player (PvP) - Rate Battle your way through many dangerous foes in this exciting mobile based action RPG that doesn’t disappoint.

Form your own team of heroes and control multiple characters as you make your way through challenging levels.

Enjoy the PvP arena in which you’ll get to fight against players from around the world.