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Browser MMO 3D Anime
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Embark on an adventure in Wyveria with your trusty Hoppalong companion

Defeat ferocious Dragomons and then own them as combat mounts

Become the greatest Dragomon hunter there is

Embark on an adventure with your trusty Hoppalong companion as an up-and-coming Dragomon hunter and defeat ferocious Dragomons that are causing trouble for the local populace. Collect defeated dragomons as your own combat mounts and become the greatest Dragomon hunter there is!

Before delving into the Pokemon-like world of Dragomon Hunter, you’ll first need to create a character. There are 4 different character classes available, namely the healing Cleric, the powerful Mage, the hardy Mercenary and the flexible Scout. Although classes are pretty much fixed after character creation, you can try out the other classes by creating new characters instead. Once the class is selected, you can then customize your character’s looks.

As every hunter in Wyveria is accompanied by an adorable combat companion – a Hoppalong, you’ll then need to create your own Hoppalong as well. There are many customizations on offer, though admittedly, these options are a lot less than what you’ve gotten for your character. Nevertheless, Hoppalongs have 9 classes that they can specialize into (later on), and they even have their own set of skills.

Everything’s done? Great, it’s time to get into the game itself! Questing, a major part of any MMORPG, is pretty much generic in this game. However, the game provides a nice pathing system that shows you the way to your quest location by drawing a thick sparkly line on the ground instead of automatically moving your character there.

In terms of combat, it’s pretty much point (at the target) and click (on a skill to use). Interestingly though, the game places strong emphasis on the art of avoidance as mobs in this game can deal pretty powerful skill attacks that hurts... a lot. So, instead of straight up tank and spank, you’ll need to roll around and dodge the enemies’ skills whenever it’s possible. This can be rather fun and challenging especially when you go head-to-head with a huge Dragomon elite. Not to mention, you’ll have a chance to get a dropped mount of the same type as the mobs you’ve just killed too!

Furthermore, there’s a nice but somewhat annoying anti-botting system in place where a captcha will pop up during combat while requesting you to fill in the captcha within the 1 minute countdown it provides. Although it’s a great deterrent for botters, it’s not at all fun for the players especially when they are fighting a particularly difficult mob and are hanging onto life by a thread.

There are also professions, namely mining, crafting, fishing, cooking and breeding, that you can level up to create valuable items from the materials you’ve obtained from killing mobs. You can then try to sell off those items at the auction house, C.O.D. mail or direct trade that has a nifty locked-in feature to prevent accidental or wrong trades. The game helps entrepreneurial players by providing them with quite a lot of storage space that are helpfully separated into various types of items, such as materials, outfits and mounts.

Dragomon Hunter has quite an array of other features in its belt yet and if you’re interested to find out more, be sure to drop by the game’s website, download the game and try the game out. It will definitely get you hooked! Dragomon Hunter Summary

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Defeat ferocious Dragomons and then own them as combat mounts

Become the greatest Dragomon hunter there is
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