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Αρχείο Ιστολογίου

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Record of Lodoss War Online Releases A New Character, The Warrior

The update also includes various balance adjustments and a new items/costume synthesis system.
Record of Lodoss War Online Releases A New Character, The Warrior Fantasy MMORPG game, ‘Record of Lodoss War Online’, co-created by L&K Co., Ltd (CEO Nam, Taeg Won, L&K), and GameOn Co., Ltd (Japanese subsidiary of Neowiz Games), has recently released an update which includes a brand new Warrior character, and costume synthesis system, in addition to various balance adjustments.

First, the brand new Warrior character and its advanced characters, Mercenary and Avenger, was added to the character list. The Warrior uses massive two-handed sword to do physical damage to enemies. To compensate the character’s slower attack speed, the warrior and its advanced characters can summon various mercenaries to their aid.

Warriors can class change to either Mercenary, which summons a priest mercenary to heal nearby friendly forces, or Avenger, another advanced character, which uses its ‘Frenzy Mode’ to increase its attack, attack speed, critical rate, and critical damage.

In this update, the Swamp of Tranquility field has been revamped and various monsters were added. Hellhound’s location has changed to Andro Croocodile, and Lake Obelisk’s monster elimination EXP has been increased.

By reducing the raid’s minimum users from 15 to 10, users can now more easily raid bosses. Guild Hall has also been modifiied so that users can easily access the Hall Stairs. The strength of the Guild Dungeon boss, Batis, has also been reduced.

The Costume Enhance System and Magic tool synthesis systems have been updated as well. Now, you can combine two costumes through the costume synthesis system to receive a higher grade costume. Higher grade costumes have a special slot where you can equip Magic tools to improve their strength.

Magic Tool Synthesis system, on the other hand, is a system where you can combine two magic tools of the same grade to receive a single higher grade magic tool, provided that you have a ‘Magic tool synthesizing cube’. The Cube can be bought at the Adventurer Association - just ask for NPC Justin.

LodossWar Online is Free-to-play and can be played through the GNG website, JC Planet, Warp Portal or directly from the game’s website (