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Tuesday, January 16, 2018 The Alchemist Code Review

The Alchemist Code X Phantom of the Kill Crossover

Enjoy another incredible crossover event in The Alchemist Code! The Alchemist Code X Phantom of the Kill Crossover Gumi Inc. is excited to announce the collaboration to KILL for in 2018. Merging two of gumi Inc.’s finest strategy and tactical RPG mobile titles, gumi Inc presents THE ALCHEMIST CODE and Phantom Of The Kill Crossover Collaboration!

This crossover will start from January 18th to February 15th. Here are main highlights of this crossover:

3 Exciting Crossover Quests
- Help Tyrfing find her new commander! (Jan 18th - Feb 7th)
Will you be the Alchemist who is strong enough to be her new commander? Clear the crossover quest to transmute Tyrfing and uncover her story as she finds her place in this new world!

- Meet Killer Princess Masamune! (Jan 25th - Feb 7th)
Face off against the powerful Killer Princess Masamune—the Strict and Honorable Samurai Code Devotee—in the Multiplayer Quest to win her favor!

- Killer Princesses Meet Alchemists (Jan 18th - Feb 15th)
A unique crossover story with characters from THE ALCHEMIST CODE interacting with the characters from Phantom of the Kill. Clear this event to obtain Ouroboros for free! There will be 10 new stages designed exclusively for this crossover linking to the story!

Summon and Master Powerful Warriors
Characters from THE ALCHEMIST CODE you can summon in Phantom Of The Kill includes Chloe, Ouroboros, and Rosa. Characters from Phantom Of The Kill you can summon in
THE ALCHEMIST CODE includes Laevateinn, Shekinah, and Cita.