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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Sugar Panic is Invading Seal Online: Blades Of Destiny

The new update coming on December 18th worldwide. Sugar Panic is Invading Seal Online: Blades Of Destiny The popular adventure video game for PC, Seal Online: Blades Of Destiny, confirmed the launching of a new update for players worldwide. “Sugar Panic” will have new levels, maps, weapons and so much more available starting from December 18th.

The most exciting new feature in this update is the level increase that will go from 261 to 271. In addition, to expanding the adventure territory, the update will also present two new and exclusive maps: Chocolate Forest and Candy Village.

The game has even confirmed the inclusion of a new dungeon called Einhorn Dungeon. A new set of armors and weapons will be made available for all classes as well.

Additionally, to keep users entertained, the game will add "level jump" events, treasures hidden in the maps along with thrilling new events available for the coming Christmas Season.

December will definitely bring more surprises to Seal Online, so be sure to stay tuned!