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Friday, November 30, 2018

Netmarble Releases Lineage 2: Revolution Infographic Video In Celebration Of One Year Anniversary

With 30 Million Players Worldwide, Lineage 2: Revolution is One of the Year’s Most Popular MMORPG Games. Today, Netmarble Corp. has released an infographic video celebrating the one year anniversary of Lineage 2: Revolution – the popular mobile massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that has accumulated more than 30 million registered players around the world. Since the game’s global launch in November 2017, Lineage 2: Revolution has enjoyed tremendous success and huge updates including an all-new “Orc” race introduced to the game last month.

The infographic video, which can be viewed below, includes the following fun facts and figures (as of November 2018):

● Since launch, over 17,500,000 characters have joined the fight – that's more than twice the population of New York City! The character races ranked in popularity are:
- Dark Elf: 6,478,000
- Human: 5,658,000
- Elf: 3,396,000
- Dwarf: 1,695,000
- Orc: 309,000

● There are now over 348,000 clans and the clan with the highest combat power is Yangire (as of November 5th, 2018)

● Ramog has been defeated in the Temporal Rift 16,640,500 times. Clearly, he's made the players very angry!

● 63,000,000 World Bosses have been defeated

● The Honorable Battlefield has hosted nearly 16,000,000 arena battles

● The most popular mounts are Silver Saint, Steam Beatle and Kukurin

● Over 100,000 players have taken the battlefield in a Fortress Siege (50vs50 PvP mode)

● Since the introduction of Castle Siege (a 200-player PvP mode), over 25,000 elite players have battled to reign supreme

To celebrate the first-year anniversary, Lineage 2: Revolution is giving out surprise gifts to all players of the game. From November 29th to December 26th (GMT), players will receive special in-game items involving the game’s recently updated collaboration features.