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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Hop on Over To The Brave Blossom Festival 2018 This Spring!

Celebrating spring with new dungeons and raids, new units, and a new feature in Frontier Rift starting from March 21st all the way to April 30th! Hop on Over To The Brave Blossom Festival 2018 This Spring! gumi Inc announced today a Spring-tastic event prepared for Brave Frontier summoners to commemorate this season of joy. Summoners can bask themselves in a basket full of egg-citing activities starting from March 21 to April 30.

Highlights of the Brave Blossom Festival 2018 include:

Brave Blossom Festival Login Campaign
Log in daily during this Brave Blossom Festival and earn exceptional rewards each day such as:
• Up to 15 Gems!
• Up to 5 Blossom Tickets!
• Free Unit Of Choice (from a group of selected heroes) on the 30th-day login!
• And many more!

Ellie’s Folly Dungeon
Explore this Dungeon for a chance to acquire special Brave Blossom Festival rewards including The Burst Queen - a Fusion Material that boosts a unit’s Brave Burst and Super Brave Burst to their full potential!

Brave Blossom Festival Global Exclusive Units
Summoners will get a chance to acquire these new Global Exclusive Units during the Brave Blossom Festival:

• N'an-Hua - An innocent dragonfly fairy that resides in the Great Southern Plateau region of N'an-xin. She was renowned for her beauty, grace, and wisdom and was adored by infatuated souls and mortals alike. Find out more about the nefarious plot against her and how she was eventually apotheosized as the undisputed Queen Mother deity of N'an-xin - the N'an-Wang-Mu.

• Ellie - A trickster spirit with a child-like demeanor, Ellie was created by Paskua's nameless goddess of rebirth as a defender and messenger to its people. Follow her on her adventures as she pursues the trail of magical power from Paskua's borders to meet a lovely rabbit-tamer and her companions...

During this Brave Blossom Festival, these Free Global Exclusive Reward Units will be made available for summoners to acquire:
• Svalinn - Available for Exchange from Insignia Event Bazaar
• Elaina - Time-Limited Frontier Rift Guild Event Milestone Reward

Blossom Omni+ Summon
Participate in our Blossom events (including Login Campaign) and get up to 15 or more FREE Blossom Tickets during our Brave Blossom Festival 2018. These Blossom Tickets are to be used in our special Blossom Omni+ Summon Gates. Acquire only the popular Top 100 units from Blossom Omni+ Poll from players and a Feature Unit of the week from these summon gates.

Guild Raid Blossom Festival
Get raid-y for the all-new Blossom Festival Guild Raid coming this season. Packed with a bouquet of rewards and enemies ready to spring into action! Reunite with your fellow comrades once again to challenge other guilds and claim the title of the Strongest Guild!

Frontier Rift New Feature
New to the Frontier Rift, Summoners can now work together with fellow guildmate to reach Rift milestones during a Frontier Rift Event and reap those rewards!

Brave Frontier is available for download globally on iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows Phone devices.

Note: All dates mentioned are PST.