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Why Anime MMORPGs Are So Appealing

Rate this Article Find out why anime MMORPGs are so appealing. Online Anime Games - Why Anime MMORPGs Are So Appealing

The MMORPG genre is, just like any gaming genre, a diverse one with its own set of sub-genres that fall under its umbrella. One such MMORPG sub-genre is the anime MMORPG; these are games that are based on Japanese animation or anime. This sub-genre has proved to be quite popular!

Take for example the old MMORPG Ragnarok Online, which proved to be a success especially in the Asian regions. It did gain a following in the Western world as well. This game is just one of those games that demonstrate just how appealing an anime-based MMORPG can be! The question – what makes them so appealing in the first place, and what sets them apart from other MMORPGs?

First, you’ll have to look at the graphics of anime MMORPGs. The character designs and sprites are different from your usual MMORPGs. Look at a href="" target="_blank">Florensia, for example, and compare its graphics to a game like Skyforge. Skyforge will win when it comes to stunning graphics, but Florensia has its own appeal. These games express the “kawaii” concept that is prevalent among Japanese, although most of these RPGs are developed by South Korean software developers rather than Japanese. In other words, anime RPGs have graphics that are too cute to resist.

Gameplay is roughly similar to any MMORPG, but anime based MMORPGs feature flashier moves and fancier skill sets that are reminiscent of Japanese cartoons like Yuyu Hakusho, Dragon Ball Z and many others. Anyone who is an avid fan of this genre of animation will surely feel right at home with this genre of MMORPGs – they’ll be taking on the role of something that they’ve long been a fan of, and that is sure to get them hooked to any anime-based MMORPG.

The worlds of anime RPGs are definitely more stunning in design than other MMOs. Skyforge has been mentioned here because there’s no doubt about the quality of its graphics. However, it doesn’t feature visually appealing vistas and landscapes that are the hallmarks of an anime-based MMORPG. Blast Breaker, for example, features a world that’s full of beautifully animated robots and verdant forests and pristine rivers.

Anime requires a lot of imagination to conceptualize, and anime-based MMORPGs are no different. The storylines here are unique, and very intriguing as well. Most MMORPGs are focused on saving the world or taking revenge on some alien entity that has laid waste to the planet. You can still find the same themes when playing anime-based MMORPGs, but some anime MMORPGs put more emphasis on character development and plot line than other MMORPGs in general. You could find some plot points adequately addressed when playing these games.

There are also more options when it comes to character classes when playing MMORPGs. Dofus, for instance, has more than 10 character classes to pick from! If you like variety and micro-management when customizing characters, then you’ll definitely want to play Dofus.

There are many other reasons why you’ll love anime MMORPGs, but you’ll have to find that out for yourself. Check out the games that were mentioned in this article for starters. Happy gaming!

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